The Luteal Part: The right way to Assist your Physique

That is the third weblog publish in a 4-part collection on micronutrient and botanical help for the 4 phases of the infradian rhythm.

At Flo Dwelling, our purpose is to assist girls steadiness their hormones and resolve interval issues with meals, dietary supplements, and way of life modifications. We take a purposeful diet and techniques medication strategy to attaining optimum hormone well being. 

Step one for any lady* in balancing her hormones is studying concerning the 28-day hormone cycle, which is ruled by a particular organic rhythm known as the infradian rhythm. The infradian rhythm performs an important function in feminine well being and wellness. Understanding what your physique wants throughout every part of your cycle is essential not solely to hormonal therapeutic however to your well being general. 

To be taught extra concerning the infradian rhythm, you’ll be able to see the primary and second posts on this collection, or take a look at the in-depth publish I wrote on the infradian rhythm right here. For a deep dive, seize a replica of my new guide In The Flo, which is all concerning the distinctive rhythms of our 28-day hormone cycle and the precise helps we are able to supply our our bodies throughout every part. 

That is the third weblog publish in our four-part collection on micronutrient and botanical help to assist higher help the infradian rhythm. On this publish, we’ll discover complement wants in the course of the luteal part of the 28-day hormone cycle. 

The 4-Phases of the Infradian Rhythm

The infradian rhythm tracks with the menstrual cycle and has 4 distinct phases. They’re:

  1. The follicular part
  2. The ovulatory part
  3. The luteal part
  4. The menstrual part

For girls of their reproductive years, the important thing to optimum well being is to eat, transfer, and complement in ways in which help every part of the infradian rhythm. Our our bodies require several types of self care throughout every part.

The luteal part is the ten to 14 days after ovulation and earlier than your interval. 

You’ll be able to be taught extra about micronutrient wants within the first part (follicular) of your cycle right here and within the second part (ovulatory) right here. In right this moment’s publish, we’re going to do a deep dive on micronutrient help for the luteal part. 

Meet the Luteal Part

When: The ten to 14 days after ovulation and earlier than your bleed.

What’s occurring in your physique: 

  • Estrogen ranges proceed to rise and the uterine lining continues to thicken
  • Progesterone ranges begin to rise
  • Towards the tip of the luteal part, estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone peak after which start to drop, hitting their lowest ranges simply earlier than your interval. 
  • PMS throughout this part is attributable to an excessive amount of estrogen within the physique relative to progesterone, or estrogen dominance
  • Metabolism accelerates

What’s occurring in your mind:

Hormone ranges throughout this part prime your mind to be good at specializing in particulars and wrapping up tasks. Towards the tip of this part, as your hormone ranges plummet, you’ll have much less power and really feel extra inclined to focus inward reasonably than on socializing. 

Meals, Train, and Life-style Methods for the Ovulatory Part

To realize optimum hormone well being and to ease interval issues like PMS, cramps, bloating, pimples, heavy or irregular intervals and lacking intervals, it requires a multipronged strategy that features meals, motion, and way of life methods applied in a cyclical method. I encourage girls to eat in a cyclical sample, train consistent with their cycle, and plan their schedules with their infradian rhythm in thoughts. 

Through the luteal part, particularly, your metabolism accelerates, and your resting cortisol ranges are larger. You could eat extra energy every day to take care of secure blood sugar, which helps steadiness insulin — a essential hormone that enormously impacts the diploma of PMS you’ll expertise.  As well as, don’t interact in HIIT exercises throughout this time. Go for gentler motion, like Pilates and different non-cardio energy coaching. How a lot PMS you’ve got is completely in your management and immediately associated to how a lot or how little you help your infradian rhythm throughout this part. Proceed to emphasise cruciferous greens throughout this part and add in some complicated carbohydrates like these present in candy potatoes, that are nutrient-dense. 

Dietary supplements are essential, too. I like to recommend key micronutrients for each lady in her reproductive years—dietary supplements which can be essential to take every day. I additionally advocate taking phase-specific dietary supplements to additional help and optimize hormone well being throughout every part. For phase-based help in the course of the luteal part, I like to recommend girls take a mix to steadiness blood sugar.

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