The Follicular Part: The best way to Help your Physique

That is the primary weblog in a 4-part collection on micronutrient and botanical help for the 4 phases of the infradian rhythm.

At Flo Residing, our aim is to assist girls of their reproductive years stability their hormones and resolve interval issues with meals, dietary supplements, and way of life modifications. We take a purposeful diet and systems-medicine method to reaching optimum hormone well being. 

Step one for any girl* in balancing her hormones is studying in regards to the 28-day hormone cycle, which is ruled by a particular organic rhythm known as the infradian rhythm. The infradian rhythm performs a significant function in feminine well being and wellness and also you expertise it in your month-to-month cycle. Figuring out what your physique wants throughout every section of your cycle is essential not solely to hormonal therapeutic however to your well being total.

To assist deepen that studying for all girls, that is the first weblog put up in our four-part collection on micronutrient and botanical help to assist higher help the infradian rhythm. On this put up, we are going to discover particular micronutrient wants through the first section of the cycle: the follicular section.

A Transient Intro to the Infradian Rhythm 

Earlier than we dive into the specifics of tips on how to help your physique with meals, dietary supplements, and way of life methods throughout every section of your cycle, it helps to have a clearer understanding of the infradian rhythm. You are able to do a deep dive on the infradian rhythm right here or in my new guide Within the Flo, however listed below are some key information:

  • Each particular person with feminine physiology of their reproductive years is affected by the  infradian rhythm
  • The infradian rhythm is one two inside timekeepers skilled by girls. The opposite timekeeper is the 24-hour circadian rhythm. Folks with male physiology solely expertise the circadian rhythm. Folks with feminine physiology expertise each. 
  • The infradian rhythm (and its 4 phases) monitor with the menstrual cycle, however to think about the infradian rhythm as solely affecting the reproductive hormones shortchanges its extra international influences on mind and physique. The infradian rhythm powerfully impacts six totally different programs of the physique: 
    • Mind
    • Metabolism
    • Immune system
    • Microbiome
    • Stress response system
    • Reproductive system 

It’s exactly as a result of the infradian rhythm impacts our total physiology cyclically that it’s important to help the physique in a cyclical means. For ladies, the important thing to optimum hormonal well being — and total well being — is to eat, transfer, complement, and dwell in keeping with the infradian rhythm.

The infradian rhythm as expressed in your menstrual cycle has 4 distinct phases. They’re:

  1. The follicular section
  2. The ovulatory section
  3. The luteal section
  4. The menstrual section

As we speak we’re doing a deep dive on micronutrient help for the follicular section. 

Meet The Follicular Part

When: The 7 to 10 days after your interval ends. 

What’s taking place in your physique: 

  • Your reproductive hormones are at their lowest stage (which is the place they had been throughout your bleed) through the first a part of this section
  • Estrogen begins to ramp up through the later a part of this section
  • The liner of your uterus begins to thicken
  • Your ovaries get able to launch an egg throughout ovulation (the following section) 
  • Metabolism is slower and resting cortisol ranges are decrease. No vital progesterone or testosterone manufacturing throughout this time and ladies can really feel just a little drained throughout this section if their hormones are unbalanced.

What’s taking place in your mind:

The refined enhance in estrogen has you curious about planning out new issues and exploring new concepts throughout this time. Symbolically, this can be a section of latest beginnings. 

Meals, Train, and Life-style Methods for the Follicular Part

To realize optimum hormone well being, and to ease interval issues like PMS, cramps, bloating, zits, heavy or irregular durations and lacking durations, it requires a multipronged method that features meals, motion, and way of life methods applied in a cyclical means. I encourage girls to eat in a cyclical sample, train in keeping with their cycle, and plan their schedules with their infradian rhythm in thoughts – a system I created known as The Cycle Syncing Methodology(R). 

Throughout the follicular section, particularly, metabolism is slower and resting cortisol ranges are decrease.  You must  tailor your meals and train routine to match this infradian impact. I like to recommend operating or different cardio throughout this section. 

Dietary supplements are necessary, too. There are key micronutrients that I like to recommend each girl in her reproductive years absorb day by day complement type to guard in opposition to hormone imbalances and stay symptom-free. Girls also can take dietary supplements particular for every section of their cycle as a technique to additional optimize their hormone well being. For phase-based help through the follicular section, I like to recommend girls take a complement that builds vitality.

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