Should You Foam Roll IT Band? (Video Guide for Rolling)

The right way to foam roll IT Band? It’s a dialogue that comes up so ceaselessly amongst runners, that it deserved a whole article.

Brief tale, you want to forestall at once rolling at the IT Band and hoping it’s going to get to the bottom of problems.

Iliotibial Band Syndrome.

Seems like a geek squad that couldn’t relatively get their act in combination, however in reality it’s the bane of many runners life.

In reality, I’ve written an 80 web page e-Ebook on resolving IT Band problems as soon as and for all as a result of I am getting questions day by day about it!

As of late I sought after to proportion one of the most different nice classes I realized in conserving my IT Band satisfied for the final 10+ years.

STOP foam rolling IT Band tightness! I’ve now had a couple of Bodily Therapists proportion that this used to be a terrible misstep began through some neatly which means gymnasium running shoes. Logically it kind of feels adore it will have to paintings, however it’s the other of what we wish to do.

Let’s first get a greater figuring out of why we might foam roll one thing after which transfer directly to the right way to deal with your tight IT Band.

Why We Foam Roll?

Let’s get started through speaking about what the froth curler does and what we’re looking to accomplish.

As defined through the American Council on Workout (ACE):

Foam rolling is also referred to as myofascial unencumber and is designed to determine the “knots” to your muscular tissues. You may examine the observe to self-massage. The technical phrases for ‘knots’ are cause issues or myofascial adhesions.

So it kind of feels to make sense that if foam rolling is helping to unencumber muscle stress, we’d wish to roll one thing that has gotten so tight….ahhh, however there’s extra to the tale.

Like what’s in fact inflicting the tightness.

STOP foam rolling your IT Band - click to find out why and what to do insteadWhat’s fascia?

Fascia is connective tissue that gives balance and connection of the entirety in our frame.

A great way to consider it’s that your pores and skin is just like the outer layer of an orange and the fascia is that white layer which connects the entirety and provides it construction!

When our fascia will get tight or twisted, via rigidity, coaching, overuse, beneath use, motion imbalances and accidents, we increase what are known as muscle adhesion’s. Or the ones “knots” and cause issues everybody tells you to roll on.

We wish to get a divorce the ones adhesion’s to stop any further imbalances from muscular tissues being pulled too tightly or proscribing blood drift.

You can learn extra on Breaking Muscle about why fascia issues to athletes.  Why we need to foam roll

Why Does Foam Rolling Harm?

As famous that get a divorce is painful as a result of we’re forcing tissue that’s attached to muscle, bones and organs to return to it’s at ease state.

Liberating cause issues is helping to reestablish right kind motion patterns and ache unfastened motion, and in the end, to toughen efficiency.

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What’s the IT Band?

With out attending to sciencey on you, the IT Band is connective tissue (now not a muscle) runs out of your hip on your knee. 

That’s why it ceaselessly leads to knee ache when tight. The pulling on that tissue whether or not up or down goes to drag at the route of your knee whilst working.

The IT band supplies crucial toughen for the outer hip in shifting and status upright.

Your IT Band isn’t evil and does now not wish to be crushed in to submission. 

In reality, you shouldn’t be the usage of the curler proper alongside your IT Band when it’s infected in any respect.Understanding how to treat IT Band pain

You can’t calm down the IT Band, that’s a fallacy.

It’s tissue, now not a muscle, so you’ll be able to’t stretch it out.

It’s tightness is brought about through different muscular tissues from the glutes to misaligned hips. And rolling on it in fact smashes the muscular tissues beneath it, which isn’t the function of froth rolling.

Obtain my unfastened IT Band Tick list to get began on restoration >>

Commonplace Reasons of IT Band Ache

I’ve performed a deep dive on IT Band Syndrome to come up with extra concepts for restoration, however let’s simply quilt a couple of.

One commonplace purpose is susceptible glutes that result in our TFL (tensor fasciae latae) to kick in to stay the knee solid.

The TFL can’t maintain that stage of effort so the IT Band tries to select up the slack through tightening up. Your frame needs to be solid and can compensate for your weaknesses till it will probably’t.

Any other tremendous commonplace problems is hips which are out of alignment.

What to do as a substitute of froth rolling your IT Band?

Long run we wish to proper deficient motion patterns, which ceaselessly come from susceptible spaces:

It Band help

The right way to Foam Roll IT Band?

All proper, so we will be able to’t unencumber the IT Band through beating it in to a pulp and we for sure wish to make stronger different spaces, however that doesn’t imply you’re off the hook for foam rolling.

We’re now not going to ever roll at once ON your IT Band.

Specifically when it’s inflammed, it is a lot like pushing on a bruise and hoping that can make it really feel higher. As a substitute, we wish to get to the foundation purpose and unencumber muscular tissues that may well be pulling at the ITB.

Is there a just right foam curler for IT Band?

You would possibly have observed the R8 advertised as an IT Band foam curler.

No. Exhausting prevent. It’s going to make issues worse.

I do know this from each non-public revel in and speaking with different working coaches, who’ve additionally observed runners worsen from the usage of it. The whole curler is okay, however we don’t need you rolling it alongside your tight ITB.

I’ve written detailed tips about discovering the suitable foam curler and the usage of it appropriately.

My advice can be to begin with a Cause Level Grid foam curler to dig in to spaces and observe up with a rub down gun if that’s an choice.

Bonus issues for a vibrating foam curler. They in fact assist to forestall ache alerts to the mind, which might allow you to get extra muscle leisure from surrounding muscular tissues.

Tactics to Free up Tight ITB

If we aren’t rolling at the IT Band, let’s discuss what we wish to roll as a substitute!

Listed below are the spaces I’d focal point directly to assist your frame unencumber the tightness to your ITB WITHOUT rolling for your IT Band.

We wish to make sure that the entirety round it loosens up given it an opportunity to respire! The next video will display you the right way to hit each and every of the spaces described beneath.


Laying for your abdomen position the froth curler to your hip crease and roll to the knee. By no means roll over the knee, repeat for as much as 30 seconds and dangle for 30 seconds in any spot with a knot.

Hip adductor/hip flexor/TFL

From the similar place, get only one leg at the curler and paintings it in to that hip crease for 30 seconds. Then roll on on your facet concerning the location of an aspect pocket and roll for 30 seconds.


From there stay on rolling til you’ve gotten one glute at the curler and pass the opposite knee over in a determine 4 place. This may allow you to to get in to that glute medius which is steadily gentle, so don’t move for ache, simply transfer round and check out to loosen the strain.


Preferably, position one calf at the curler and the opposite on best of it for further power. You would possibly wish to paintings as much as this, however it’s very useful to get slightly deeper.

The calf must be rolled in 3 instructions, down the center, to the outdoor and to the interior to be sure to hit all of the muscular tissues. A decent calf pulls at the knee and is any other commonplace reason behind knee ache.

Inside quad

Again for your abdomen you’ll have the curler out somewhat to 1 facet and position your interior thigh on it simply above the knee.

This house is one in every of my maximum delicate and a good way to inform that I wish to permit those muscular tissues to unencumber in order that they aren’t pulling my knee inward whilst I run.

Whilst I’ve a LOT of rollers and PT balls, if I had to select one…

That is the most efficient foam curler for maximum issues.

Sure, move for the lengthy curler. You’ll in finding different makes use of for it like opening your chest after sitting on the laptop all day.

Bonus Tip

Continuously instances we wish to prevent rolling the leg of the IT Band ache totally and concentrate on the other facet.

As an example, when my left IT Band starts to behave up it’s ceaselessly a handy guide a rough signal for me of hip misalignment and tightness coming from the suitable facet.

If I focal point on handiest rolling the suitable facet, freeing that stress and permitting my frame to transport again in to herbal alignment it resolves the ITB problems with out additional inflamming it via rolling.

Want extra assist resolving your IT Band problems?
Checkout my 80 web page guide which comprises the entirety I’ve performed for over 12 years to stay mine satisfied, to assist the runners I trainer and masses of others who’ve downloaded and began following the ideas.

How ceaselessly do you foam roll?

What house offers you probably the most bother?

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