Sam Raimi answers if Doctor Strange or Scarlet Witch More Powerful

Scarlet Witch or Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch are definitely two of probably the most potent magical beings within the Surprise Universe. Doctor Strange has carried out some utter jaw-dropping feats since his debut within the MCU, particularly when the usage of the Time Stone. The Scarlet Witch is being foretold within the historic mystical e-book referred to as the Darkhold. Her energy is notorious each in Surprise comics and within the MCU because of her apparently endless talents.

Which of those two characters is more potent than the opposite? Doctor Strange or Scarlet Witch? Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Insanity director Sam Raimi is requested this query through Fandango and gives a solution!

Wow. That’s a query I’ve been asking youngsters at the playground since 3rd grade. Who’s more potent, this personality or that personality? Neatly, I believe Wanda’s magic, from Surprise lore, is extra tough than virtually any of the opposite characters on this image, however Doctor Strange has the data of the mystic arts that Wanda doesn’t have, and he’s were given the assistance of Kamar-Taj. For those who have been to pit them in opposition to every different, other altered variations of themselves … there generally is a Doctor Strange available in the market that’s extra tough than our Wanda. Or there generally is a Wanda available in the market who’s extra tough than our Wanda right here. So, as a result of those altered variations, it’s all a combined bag of probabilities.

I like this solution and it’s in reality cool with how fair a solution he supplies with out answering the query. That is in reality thrilling as a result of we can surely see a couple of variants of Doctor Strange within the upcoming film, however what number of variants of Wanda do we see?

I will’t wait to look the playground conversations about this one within the feedback. That’s all I’ve for this one…

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