Russia scolds Google over ‘useless Russians’ translation

Russia on Monday demanded Google take speedy steps to take away “threats” towards Russians after it mentioned Google Translate had presented some customers the strategy to translate the word “useless Russians” as a substitute of “pricey Russians”.

Russia’s communications regulator mentioned it had demanded Google “straight away take measures to exclude statements of threats towards Russian customers”.

The regulator mentioned that after “pricey Russians” was once typed into Google’s translator, it had additionally presented the variant “useless Russians” underneath the “Did you imply” phase.

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The regulator, referred to as Roskomnadzor, mentioned it didn’t be offering such variants for the word with different nationalities. Google didn’t straight away respond to a request for remark.

Google Translate didn’t seem to be suggesting one of these variant when Reuters attempted out the translator.

Russia’s regulator “demanded that the American corporate take complete measures to forestall such scenarios towards Russian customers, in addition to to tell the company concerning the causes for the illusion of such messages.”

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