Is the Treadmill or My Watch Extra Correct?

You’ve simply plugged away for an hour on the treadmill with an important run and if you end there’s the gap proven on the treadmill and the gap in your operating watch. Which must you use?

The treadmill.

This might be the shortest article I’ve ever written, however let’s discuss a bit extra about the right way to calibrate your watch and why the treadmill will at all times be the extra correct of the 2.

Do operating watches work on the treadmill?

Sure and not likely.

Each health tracker and GPS operating watch has an indoor operating mode, which might make you suppose it’s going to appropriately correlate your knowledge from the treadmill.

Your GPS watch is designed to make the most of satellites to trace your actions. On the treadmill that GPS is turned off and it’s attempting to make use of the inner accelerometer to measure arm swing and bounce to guesstimate your tempo.

You’ll be able to enhance the readings a couple of methods:

  • When organising your watch, do the stride size take a look at on the treadmill.
  • Go for a watch just like the Garmin Forerunner or Coros Tempo which has a calibrate treadmill characteristic
  • Attempt utilizing a foot pod (although checks I’ve seen say it’s as correct as a calibrated watch)
  • Flip off the autolap characteristic and hit lap your self with every mile if you would like essentially the most correct splits saved to your watch or if you sync to Strava.

Is treadmill or watch more accurate

How does the Garmin Calibrate Treadmill characteristic work?

Having used a number of Garmin watches I can say it’s higher some days than others, however by no means really correct.

  • After ending an Indoor Run exercise, if you go to put it aside will ask you to calibrate.
  • Then you definitely replace the gap on the watch to match the gap proven on the treadmill display screen.
  • It is going to save this knowledge and take a look at over time to make your treadmill runs extra correct.

At minimal you’re in a position to replace the gap, which implies you’ll have the right knowledge in your recordsdata for the way far you ran and the whole time.

This characteristic isn’t out there on many different watches, together with my favourite Polar Vantage V2 (actually the one downside of that watch).

And to be clear right here…the treadmill continues to be the proprietor of the correct distance, not your watch.

Is my Apple Watch or the Treadmill Proper?

Apple watch indoor run accuracy falls straight according to the entire notes above about different GPS operating watches and would be the similar for any tracker like FitBit.

What if my watch says greater than the treadmill?

The treadmill continues to be proper.

What if my watch says lower than the treadmill?

The treadmill continues to be proper.

Will a foot pod be extra correct on the treadmill than my watch?


In case your foot pod is used to you operating outdoors then it’s measured your stride size that manner, which can change some on the treadmill.

You’ll be able to calibrate your footpod on the treadmill and chances are you’ll discover that is extra correct than your watch, particularly in case your watch isn’t one which permits you to calibrate.

Calibrating the footpod is concerning the preliminary arrange of recording stride size info. Whereas for many watches we’re referring to updating the info after your run to match the treadmill.

treadmill foot pod

Whereas coaching in Miami years in the past and doing extra indoor biking, I had the Garmin foot pod related to my bike and it actually isn’t that noticeable. It’s secured tightly and after a exercise or two, you received’t give it some thought being there.

How are you aware in case your treadmill is correct?

Now it is a good query to ask.

You might have observed that treadmills can really feel totally different from each other. This might be attributable to a treadmill needing to be calibrated or just the setting. Utilization is the massive consider a treadmill dropping calibration (or in my case being moved repeatedly!).

Calibrating the Incline

First is calibrating the incline to make sure you aren’t including resistance or not getting sufficient.

  • On the arrange web page of most machines is a “calibrate” button, which can run by way of numerous inclines to try to get it reset.
  • Place a stage in your treadmill and ensure entrance to again and aspect to aspect are stage. We discovered after my final transfer that mine was not right and 1% is now 0.

Calibrating Treadmill Velocity

Calibrating the pace of your treadmill is a way more sophisticated course of.

  • Discover the size of the treadmill belt in CM
  • Make a white mark in chalk on the top of the belt
  • Flip the treadmill on to a pace you need to test
  • Activate a timer and depend as much as 30 occasions the place the chalk mark passes you
  • Time to calculate

Treadmill pace is distance / time.  Divide the gap (belt size x variety of revolutions) by the point measured. For instance, if the belt size was 3 meters, and it took 20 seconds for it to do 15 revolutions, then the pace is (3 x 15) / 20 = 2.25 meters/second (or 8.1 km/hr or 5 mph).

If the treadmill is off you’ll want a restore particular person to try to calibrate it or you may mentally make changes to what you realize the pace to be.

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