Cycle Syncing with Herbs & Dietary supplements

PMS stinks. You shouldn’t must spend one week every month with ache, bloating, zits, mind fog, and fatigue. You shouldn’t lose a lot time to feeling crummy. You don’t deserve all these weeks of misplaced productiveness and being much less current and engaged in your life. 

If PMS and interval issues are a part of your life, you’re being robbed! You may reclaim your well being and your life. How? Through the use of meals, dietary supplements and life-style to deal with the foundation causes of interval ache and PMS.

At Flo Residing, we imagine all ladies ought to have entry to straightforward, reasonably priced reproductive care. For over 15 years we’ve helped 1000’s of ladies around the globe stability their hormones and reclaim their well being with vitamin, dietary supplements and life-style. Our confirmed protocol is backed by science and analysis that will help you obtain actual outcomes.

Certain, you possibly can strive spot treating your interval issues with ibuprofen. However spot treating doesn’t work, which — let’s face it— you already knew. If spot treating labored, you’d take an ibuprofen or Midol and really feel all-the-way higher. Your fatigue would disappear. Your zits would clear proper up. You’d really feel wholesome and properly all month lengthy.

Have you ever ever taken ibuprofen and felt really alive and symptom-free?

Merely put, spot treating PMS doesn’t work. In actual fact, it may well make the underlying points that trigger PMS and interval issues worse. 

Why? Two causes:

  1. Spot therapies pave over signs as an alternative of treating the foundation causes. Chances are you’ll get non permanent reduction from popping an ibuprofen, however the hormone imbalances that trigger your signs go untreated and ignored — and, typically, they worsen.
  2. Spot treating means taking dietary supplements ONLY when you have got signs, and by the point you have got signs your system is already out of stability. The hormone imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, and system-wide asymmetry that’s inflicting you to really feel depressing is already properly established, and spot treating can’t repair that.

However you CAN erase interval issues and PMS. You don’t must undergo each month.

I used to have horrible PMS, however now I’ve wholesome, common durations. I solely know my interval is coming when my interval monitoring app tells me it’s coming. It is a full turnaround from once I was youthful. My PMS left me on the couch, curled up with a sizzling water bottle, and desperately attempting to cover my zits and bloating. 

What’s the key to easing PMS and having happier durations each month? 

It’s supporting your hormones throughout every part of your 28-day hormone cycle, not simply taking a tablet when signs crop up. Having a greater interval means doing the OPPOSITE of spot treating: The key is utilizing particular herbs and dietary supplements in each part of your month-to-month cycle to deal with root causes BEFORE they develop into pesky, undesirable signs.  

The Advantages of Cycle Syncing with Herbs & Dietary supplements

While you select the suitable meals, adaptogens, and herbs on the proper time throughout your cycle, you’ll ease PMS signs AND you’ll achieve this rather more. You’ll expertise: 

  • Constant, clear psychological focus day by day of the month
  • Constant vitality ranges day by day of the month
  • Clear pores and skin all month lengthy
  • No bloating or cramping the week earlier than your interval
  • Steadier temper with out dramatic temper swings

Step one to efficiently synchronizing your meals, complement, and life-style selections along with your 28-day hormone cycle — and releasing your self from PMS and downside durations — is knowing your hormone cycle, which is ruled by the infradian rhythm, and supporting your physique in key methods throughout every part of the cycle.

Help Your Physique’s Second Cycle: The Infradian Rhythm 

Menstruating ladies expertise two organic cycles: 

  1. THE CIRCADIAN RHYTHM is the 24-hour organic cycle that folks of all genders expertise. It governs the sleep-wake cycle and vitality fluctuations every day.
  2. THE INFRADIAN RHYTHM is the 28-day hormonal cycle. It’s skilled by individuals with feminine physiology throughout their reproductive years. The infradian rhythm has 4 phases, and every one requires particular herb and micronutrient assist to stability hormones and hold signs at bay. 

The infradian rhythm, also called the physique’s ‘second clock’, impacts six completely different physique techniques:

  1. Mind
  2. Metabolism
  3. Immune system
  4. Microbiome
  5. Stress response system
  6. Reproductive system 

How a lot of a distinction does the infradian rhythm make on these six techniques?

  • The infradian rhythm creates a 25% change in your mind chemistry over the course of every month, which implies you’ll have completely different ranges of focus, and completely different areas of power, through the course of every month. While you plan your schedule in accordance along with your infradian rhythm, you will be extra productive with much less stress. 
  • Metabolism hurries up and slows down throughout the infradian rhythm, requiring modifications in when and what you eat, and how you’re employed out.
  • Cortisol ranges go up throughout sure phases of your infradian cycle, so with out correct assist and care throughout these phases you might expertise extra stress and irritation, and your exercises (relying on what sort of exercises you do) could also be counterproductive.
  • Your pores and skin modifications all through the course of your infradian rhythm, which means you’ll profit from completely different skincare routines at completely different instances of the month
  • As your hormones fluctuate through the infradian rhythm, your physique requires completely different herb and complement assist that will help you system keep balanced. Focused herbs additionally assist your physique detox, and retains your complete physique nourished.

The infradian rhythm has 4 distinct phases. Your physique and mind change considerably in every part, as your reproductive hormones fluctuate:

  • Part 1: Follicular (the 7 to 10 days after your interval)
  • Part 2: Ovulatory (the to 4 days in the course of your cycle)
  • Part 3: Luteal (the ten to 14 days between ovulation and your interval)
  • Part 4: Menstrual (the three to 7 days of your interval)

The Finest Herbs & Dietary supplements for Every Part of Your Infradian Rhythm

Since your hormones are altering every week, and you’ve got completely different signs from these hormonal ratios every part, it is sensible so that you can use dietary supplements in a focused approach for every part to ease signs and clean out your cycle.  

I designed the FLO Residing Cycle Syncing Dietary supplements to provide the focused assist you want for a symptom-free cycle. These dietary supplements provide the natural and micronutrient infrastructure you want  to deal with the foundation causes of interval issues and erase signs like PMS, bloating, zits, temper swings, low vitality, and fatigue.   And also you merely take the one for the part you’re in – interval. 

#1: CoQ10 for the FOLLICULAR PHASE

Proper after your interval ends, you possibly can really feel fatigued and fewer centered. You might want to create deep vitality from inside your cells.  CoQ10 is an antioxidant that helps wholesome vitality ranges, protects our cells towards oxidative stress, and should even assist reverse a number of the harm brought on by free radicals. (That could be a fancy approach of claiming that it helps decelerate growing old). CoQ10 helps assist balanced blood sugar, which is important for sustaining wholesome hormones, and it helps promote good ovarian response and egg well being. CoQ10 is vital for safeguarding your fertility now and sooner or later. 


It’s quite common for extra estrogen throughout this part can set off ovarian ache and zits. Your physique wants assist to interrupt down estrogen sooner. DIM is a robust pure compound present in cruciferous greens like broccoli and Brussel sprouts, and it helps your physique filter out used-up estrogen. Research present that DIM helps assist wholesome estrogen ranges. Balanced estrogen ranges are key for clear pores and skin all month lengthy and wholesome weight upkeep. Serving to the physique detox estrogen effectively and successfully additionally helps cut back PMS signs like cramps and bloating. 

#3: Chromium and cinnamon for the LUTEAL PHASE

Metabolism is of course larger through the luteal part of the cycle. However most of us don’t eat sufficient energy as a result of we’ve been taught to imagine that we must always eat the identical energy every day (seems that’s solely good for the blokes). Our skill to burn energy goes up — however so do our meals cravings. Throughout this part, it’s important to keep up balanced blood sugar, so taking a complement that helps blood sugar stability will be actually useful throughout this part. Analysis reveals that consuming cinnamon is related to vital decreases in fasting blood glucose, and chromium has been proven to assist with insulin sensitivity and higher carbohydrate metabolism. 

#4: Quercetin and Nettles for the MENSTRUAL PHASE

Through the menstrual part of your cycle, your uterus wants assist to scale back irritation and soothe cramps. That’s why I selected quercetin and nettles for this complement. Each assist cut back oxidative stress and irritation. Nettles are wealthy in nutritional vitamins A and C, in addition to iron and calcium, which helps replenish vitamins throughout your bleed. Quercetin helps wholesome immune system perform which is barely suppressed throughout this part and a wholesome inflammatory response

I’ve been researching the most effective herb and complement methods for menstruating ladies for the previous 20 years, and I designed these highly effective, supportive dietary supplements utilizing my deep properly of data. 

In the event you undergo from PMS and different interval issues, I invite you to strive the FLO Residing Cycle Syncing Dietary supplements. They’re particularly designed to assist your distinctive feminine physiology and tackle the foundation causes of interval issues and PMS. 

Not like spot therapies like ibuprofen, the FLO Residing Cycle Syncing Dietary supplements assist you optimize your hormones throughout every part of your cycle so you’ll find lasting reduction. You deserve higher than the non permanent, partially efficient, and typically harmful spot therapies available on the market. 

Every system within the FLO Residing Cycle Syncing Complement equipment has been scientifically developed utilizing therapeutic-grade herbs, and we assure NO fillers and NO impurities. 

It’s a fable that PMS is a part of life, and that cramps, bloating, and different signs are simply a part of having a interval. Interval issues AREN’T inevitable. You need to use your data of the infradian rhythm to deal with the foundation causes of PMS and interval ache and rework your month-to-month cycle into one that’s symptom free. You should really feel higher!

At Flo Residing, we’re constructing a future the place it’s straightforward and easy to get focused assist to your hormonal signs out of your first interval to your final. With the suitable assist, ladies of their reproductive years can ease their signs, dwell with much less ache, and appear and feel their greatest — which is what each lady deserves.

NOTE: We use the phrases “lady” and “ladies” and he or she/her pronouns all through these posts for ease of writing, however the ideas and recommendation apply to any particular person, no matter gender id, who was born with feminine physiology. On the identical time, if you’re an individual born with male physiology and also you determine as non-binary or you’re transitioning to determine as feminine, utilizing a cyclical assist system will help you’re feeling extra in sync along with your feminine vitality.

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