Bookshops, stationery shops see frenzied ‘again to high school’ rush

Dad and mom, college students bored with govt’s ‘now open, now closed’ insurance policies rush for last-minute buying


Droves of individuals rushed to the bookshops, stationery shops, and uniform retailers over the weekend forward of reopening of  faculties  after  a  one-and-a-half  month  Covid-related  break right this moment (Monday).

Numerous dad and mom and youngsters flocked  to  the  markets  to  purchase  uniforms,  stationery, sneakers, and different gadgets.  Varied  retailers  have been  crowded  as  a  massive  quantity  of individuals have been gathering in-side  the  retailers  whereas  there  have been lengthy queues of youngsters together with dad and mom exterior the retailers.

Dad and mom ready  in  queues  for hours mentioned they solely had at some point to buy uniforms and different articles.

The Sindh authorities had notified  the  reopening  of  faculties  on  Friday  and  mar-kets  usually  stay  shut  on  Fridays  and  Sundays  as  ‘secure days’ in a bid to curb the unfold  of  the  coronavirus.  This Sunday, nonetheless, many retailers remained  open  to  facilitate dad and mom and college students.

The  dad and mom  complained  that  the  faculties  have been  re-opening  after  one  and  a  half  months however the authorities’s choices  have been  haphazard.  The  ‘now  open  now  closed  coverage’  was  past  comprehension,  mentioned  one  harried  father or mother,  standing  exterior  a  bookshop  to  purchase  his  kid’s  syllabus books.

Worth hikes

Over the weekend, many dad and mom  and  college students  have been  left  shaken  after  listening  to  the  costs of stationery gadgets and course materials throughout their visits to the markets for back-to-school buying. The charges of stationery and college sup-plies have surged they discovered to their dismay.

Apart from uniforms, luggage, and different gadgets, the charges of latest course books have elevated by 30  per  cent,  it  was  noticed throughout a survey by The Categorical Tribune.

Shopkeepers, then again,  attributed  the  worth  hike for important stationery gadgets  to  the  rise  in  US  greenback  charges.  The  costs  of  all  imported  items,  particularly  faculty luggage and pencil packing containers, have shot up according to the greenback charges, they defined. As  for  faculty  uniforms,  they  claimed that the rise in value of  manufacturing  for  material  had  led  to  an  enhance  in  costs  for uniforms.

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